Brand Persona 2

Brand Persona 2


-Age: 32

-Income: $50,000

*Owns a clothing company with 3 locations
*Working on finding a 4th locations for her growing company
*Employs about 10 people per location and has an assistant general     manager for all locations
*Sells: Work clothes (Construction type work), camp clothes, Weather preparedness clothes, Clothing to make these types of individuals look nice (Not suits), company clothing on special order (JELD-WEN, Dewalt, etc.), appropriate foot wear

*Loves to Travel
*Loves re-decoration her home

-Likes to read:
*Construction, cooking, home decor magazines
*Traveling books and magazines

*Interested in all news, wants to know what is going on around the world
*Keeps up to date on building codes, work wear guidelines

*A little messy with daily life
*Keeps paperwork organized
*Keeps a separate office at home

*More in touch with her father (A contractor)
*Have a brother Joey, and a sister Sarah
*Her mother deals in high-end fashion
*She keeps in touch mostly on special occasions and sees them on Christmas

*Listens to rock music mostly and enjoys blues and pop as well

*Loves action and adventure moves
*Likes foreign films (but in English)

*Favorite meal is your traditional Steak, Potatoes, and Fried Veggies
*Doesn’t shy away from your other BBQ traditional such as burgers, fish, pork, ribs, and pretty much any other meat

*Rachel saves her money wisely allowing her to do some of the things she loves such as traveling, re-decorating, or hosting large backyard BBQ’s





Brand Persona 1

Brand Persona 1


-Age: 25

-Income: $36,000

*Homegrown gardening business
*Recently bought a location (Not based out of home)
*Employees about 8 people
*Sells: tropical plants, indoor plants, seasonal plants, vegetables, herbs,
evergreens, fruit trees, soil, seeds, pots, fertilizer and other accessories
*Plans to expand into bricks

*Diploma in Agriculture, and Earth Science

-Likes doing things outdoors and likes exercise:

*Going to the gym

-Likes to read:
*Adventure (in foreign locations)
*Female Leads
*Outdoor and Gardening Magazines

*Favorite book is “50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

*Keeps tabs on any vegetation news nearby (continentally)
*Cares more about local news
*Not too concerned about global

-Loves computers:
*Loves social media
*Loves paperwork
*Loves being organized

*Talks to and visits family often
*Only Child
*Wants kids but has been focused on her career
*Has a boyfriend (Same views with family and career)

*No favorite song
*Listens to country music
*Listens to pop and dance music as well

*Enjoys children’s movies, chick flicks, romantic comedies
*Doesn’t mind a few documentaries about nature, and different places

*Loves to cook and bake
*Loves Smoothies
*Favorite food is seafood and lasagna
*Loves to BBQ vegetables and Steak

*Tries to save money
*Loves to occasionally treat her boyfriend and her family


Social Presence

Social Presence

I spend most of my time via social media through Pinterest. I am addicted to the DIY idea with almost everything. You can re-purpose almost anything. That and creating things. Combining the two you come up with the food and DIY pins that cover my profile. This is the type of person I am right now especially being a student and have no money so I have the need to re-purpose what I have now. I am going to share an image from my Pinterest that explains what I am like now.


If I were to take this idea and represent it in a different media in order to draw a new audience you can use gorilla advertising, such as stamping random areas around town to be found. Spreading it to video you can have a short vine about using the stamp in other non-traditional ways or even not the way it is displayed here.


Social Equity

Social Equity

My social equity as of January 16/15 is a big whopping number of 76. The bulk of this number for me comes from Facebook. I have a number of friends on Facebook and until further notice they will be on my social equity. I would not trust many of them to help further my professional-social development however I am going to sit them in that list for now. I have several people that I would trust to help further my professional development through AI. I also know a couple people through email and through Pinterest. That is where I currently sit. Let’s see where this goes.