Brand Persona 3-Segmentation



Geographic Segmentation:
Bobby lives in a small 3-bedroom apartment with his bother. He only lives with his brother because of the cost of living. They get along. He lives in the city where it is easy to get in touch with current and up to date technology. Him and his brother own a cat that mostly stays out of their hair.

Demographic Segmentation:
Bobby is 21. He has lots of history and experience in game development. He plays a lot of games so he knows what is fun and what he wants to create. He wants to break free from creating computer games with the company he is with now and creating his own games.

Behavioral Segmentation:
Bobby is an introvert and cares about further developing his experience, education, and developing his future into what he wants it to be

Psychological Segmentation:
Bobby is all about his gaming. He has little responsibility most of which is shared with his brother, such as feeding the cat, keeping food in the house and simple chores. He is an introvert who is best suited in a business interaction or one gamer to another.

Price Segmentation:
Bobby would rather cut cost in all areas in order to save for his gaming equipment. He is more likely to skimp on food in order to buy his expensive gaming equipment.


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