Brand Persona 2-Segmentation



Geographic Segmentation:
Rachel lives in a modest 3 bedroom home with a small yard that is mostly taken up by a beautiful patio and deck, there is a small tennis court and an area of grass about 10 feet by 10 feet big. She uses this space for entertaining mostly. She has a cockatiel as a pet that she loves and takes good care of.

Demographic Segmentation:
Rachel is 32. She got all her education about clothing companies from her mom and everything she needs to know about construction and clothing for the job from her father. Because of her interest in construction from her father she learned and developed further on her own. She currently has an income of $50,000 a year by running her work clothing business.

Behavioral Segmentation:
Rachel cares about having fun and getting together with friends, family, and employees. She has no problem using other companies to further her own but may not stick with them if they don’t prove to be good.

Psychological Segmentation:
Rachel is all about home improvement, home decor, making things look good, and friends and family. However she isn’t afraid of a good deal. It is more important to Rachel that her house and place of entertainment to others looks good rather than to have something that looks ratty and used.

Price Segmentation:
Price is important to Rachel. She likes the look of a price tag on herself and on her home. She will not go out of her way to buy something expensive unless it looks good or it is something that she wants. She sees value in what she gets. The cheaper it is, and then it may be less quality.


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