Brand Persona 1-Segmentation



Geographic Segmentation:
Elizabeth lives in the outer skirts of a large city. She has a two-story house with lots of yard space. She has two chickens, a rooster and a rabbit. She also has a beagle for a dog.

Demographic Segmentation:
Elizabeth is 25. She has a diploma in agriculture and in earth science. Her income is $36,000 a year, and she runs her own gardening/greenhouse company.

Behavioral Segmentation:
Elizabeth has a huge sense of loyalty and if something works for her she will stick with it. She is always willing to give second or even third chances. She is an animal person and always will be which adds to her loyalty and sense of belonging.

Psychological Segmentation:
Elizabeth is a little bit of a nature freak. She cares about the environment. She recycles almost everything and she reuses what she can. She doesn’t buy all that extravagantly if she doesn’t need too.

Price Segmentation:
Elizabeth won’t spend extra money on things that are not necessarily necessary either for her or for her business but will spend a little bit more on things that she does need that is either good for promoting the nature of her business itself or by buying things that are better for the environment.


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