Brand Persona 3

Brand Persona 3


-Age: 21

-Income: $29,000

*Game Design
*Group of people that design computer social media games
*Works with them (Not the boss)

*Designing games on the side
*Playing Video Games
*Group Gaming

-Likes to read:
*Any books put out by video games (mainly Xbox, and PS)
*Game specific HTML books and magazines

*His interest in news is strictly focused on game and electronic type news (world wide electronics; games; and game console launches, hacks, cheats, codes, special features, game packs, etc.)

*Extremely organized (a little OCD)
*Info for every different playing format (I.E. Xbox, PS, Internet) is separated and organized

*Roommates with his brother Kyle
*Talks to his parents when they call him

*Listens to Electro-pop, techno, rap rock

*Game documentaries
*Racing movies
*War Action movies

*Fast food and frozen meals
*Easy to cook and easy to eat

*Saves all his money for new equipment, games, consoles, programs, etc.


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